Airsoft guns are not just toys

They are capable of doing harm and therefore it’s is important to be cautious when you are out there playing with these equipment.Always guard your face and most importantly, your eyes.

Those little flying BB’S made of plastic will only leave a welt on your limbs and your torso but they are leave bruises and serious damages on your face and possibly leave you blind. These vital parts of the body ought to be protected from any harm.

There are a variety of airsoft masks that are available to choose from. We shall help you select the best and pocket friendly anti fog airsoft masks that you can acquire.

This is a half face airsoft mask that comes with googles that help you protect your eyes while playing. The googles provide maximum protection as they are wraparound.Penetration should not worry you as these googles are wraparound. Valken ZuluGoogle has lenses that are of different color giving an opportunity of selecting the color you desire.

hey are anti fog though you might need to carry some defogging spray or emergency purposes. The google is made of soft rubber which surrounds the eyes making it comfortable especially if you are planning on wearing it for long hours. This rubber also prevents penetration. The Matrix Iron Face Striker Mask is a mesh half-mask which provides protection and in addition provides a skull look which is an impressive look.It allows you breathe with ease while playing and this is essential as your googles will not fog up.

This airsoft mask is made of elastic straps which are essential for ensuring a tight yetcomfortable fit. The elastic straps also help to keep the mask intact givingyou an easy time during play time.

Drawbacks The mask does not cover the ears. It extends above the nose making it hard for you to wear the glasses.

Outdoor Master Full Face Airsoft Mask with Metal Mesh Eye Protection

This full face airsoft mask offers full protection when compared to the two-piece set.It’s an amazing gear as it gives you an edge over your competitor thanks to its intimidating appearance. It has a skull like look and it comes with different amazing designs.It has six straps that allow maximum fit. It is well cushioned giving you comfort especially when worn for long hours. Outdoor Master Full Face Airsoft Mask is manufactured with high-end material increasing your confidence while in the field. The manufacturer gives you a six-month warrant just in case you experience product malfunction.

The intention of you getting into the field is maximum pleasure. You will not enjoy the game if all you do is take cover. Airsoftmasks and googles are intended to help achieve maximum fun while playing. It is not enough to just wear a mask but it I important to understand how this mask is able to protect you. Avoid unnecessary injuries and focus on getting maximum fun.